Working on a Bit of Research

Posted on: August 31st, 2014 By: faca5 Under: Online dating

I have started on a little project, but it is not as though I have a serious purpose. Instead I am studying up to be the world’s greatest lover. It started out as a joke, but then again it was a funny joke and so I have decided to go with it. If you say that you have dominant sexual power seriously people will laugh at you and think you a fool, but if you tell it as a joke it seems that some girls find it funny. I have been thinking that you need an opening if you want to get any place with a girl and this seems like something which could work, provided that you executed the plan with some ability and some confidence. It is a balance, but you can use a bit of swagger to start off some times.

Of course the best thing is to talk to girls, you walk up to them and introduce yourself. My name is Mike and I am very attracted to your intense spiritual beauty, well that is not the most successful line in the world. Before you can get any place you have to get them to recognize that you exist though and a joke is as good of a way as any. It stinks to be in the friend zone, but that is a lot closer than just being the random guy who is always staring longingly at pretty girls and never talks to them. That is the important thing obviously, getting your foot in the door. You can not ever get any place without taking that first step. It is easy to screw that up, especially when you are a bit too eager to make a good impression on the prettiest girl in the whole place.