The Absurdities of the World

Posted on: December 7th, 2015 By: faca5 Under: Online dating

Sometimes you’re alone. It happens. For some people, like myself, being alone is a choice. After numerous relationships and one devastating engagement, I decided that there must clearly be something wrong with me. Whatever my person dysfunction is in regards to being able to sustain a committed relationship is obviously an issue that I’m unable to overcome or pinpoint the problem itself. That’s what lead me to discovering Sometimes I simply wish to enjoy the company of the opposite sex and nothing more. Other times I may wish to seek more intimate pursuits that two consenting adults are legally capable of doing.

It’s a shame that society is not more open minded about arrangements like the ones I make. I’m not entirely sure how society has become so prudish in this modern era where sexual education is freely and widely available. Where personal health, hygiene and protection against STDs are common place steps. Like any industry, it simply has to be regulated – not that the establishments which care to make any amount of money are not already taking steps to ensure that their employees are taking care of themselves. It would be bad for business otherwise. Clients like myself cater to a specific pedigree from our partners, which is exactly why we are going to these establishments.

Perhaps first world countries will be able to, some day, live up to their capabilities. It seems as if they are socially slow to grasp basic human needs and desires. Why this is the case, I have no idea. In the United States I can’t ever imagine escort services being able to operate without harassment from police forces. It’s a ridiculous world that we live in when sex of all things is offensive enough to warrant armed men and women handcuffing consenting adults.