It Was a Rather Interesting Trade Show

Posted on: October 7th, 2019 By: onlinedating Under: Online dating

It has been a pretty long and eventful week here at the trade show. One of our competitors seems to have gotten themselves in something of a scandal. If you have been to these things for any length of time you know that there are always beautiful girls in the booths, something which has become a lot more complicated as the demographics grew less homogeneous. At any rate you always had models and girls who looked models with more curves. These girls apparently came from an escort agency that offered Asian escorts in Las Vegas. I saw them myself and they just looked like really hot girls to me. Now no one is exactly sure what the girls did and did not do, although they seemed to make a lot of guys think that signing on the dotted line was going to have some sort of happy ending for them, pun intended. All sorts of wild rumors were circulating before the show ended and the people who organized the event decided that they had to do something about it.

I sort of think that it may have backfired, although more because of the publicity than the basic logic behind the scheme. We did really well and while we had a couple of attractive women, they worked for us year round. Of course I told them before hand what this stuff is like, a lot of lonely middle aged guys are still to be found here. I told them that they could probably take advantage of this if they wanted to, but that no one was going to ask them to adopt those sorts of tactics and that we tried to sell on the merits. The real reason this scheme failed had to do with that, no one seemed to trust them to deliver on their promises.